Natural Language Processing and Generation Tools to Consider

Robot Writer

By Trevor Clarke, TRA Director

For at least half a decade a considerable portion of basic financial news reports put out by the major news wires have been written by robots.

At the same time on social media like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Tinder it's likely you've had a "conversation" with a bot at one point or another.

The Machines Talk: Kone's machine learning and IoT journey

Kone Machines Talk

By Trevor Clarke, TRA Director

You know that weird feeling when you step onto an escalator or travellator thinking it is, but it isn’t moving? The one where your muscle memory tells you one thing, but the fact it isn’t moving makes you do a mini jolt or stumble? Kind of embarrassing and awkward. Kone wants to help you avoid it.

Expand your moat with machine learning

Hey Xero

By Trevor Clarke, TRA Director

The idea of a ‘moat’ as a metaphor for competitive advantage in the business world isn’t new. But it is doing the rounds again.

Put simply, the wider your moat is the more advantage you have over existing and new competitors in your industry as they’ll find it harder to attack your position because they need to cross it.

One Japan: Millenials, AI and Robot Innovation


By Trevor Clarke, TRA Director

For all the talk about technology-based innovation and disruption there really aren’t many companies that truly break the cultural and operational mold they’ve built for themselves, especially in a place like Japan. Things improve, yes. All the time. But rarely do you get an organisation or group of organisations pushing the envelope, let alone ripping it open.