ASEAN TQ Wrap for February 2015

NTU 3D Printed Car Source: NTU

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Singapore’s IDA surveyed the coverage of 4G networks and found performance was generally pretty high, except in train and road tunnels.

Researchers at Singapore’s NSU have developed a new wearable device in the form of a sock that helps immobile individuals avoid DVT.

Meanwhile, NTU has revealed Singapore’s first 3-D printed concept car.

The World Bank noted that Lao PDR is a high growth economy (as a result of a natural resources boom) but doesn’t yet attract the investment that even Vietnam and Myanmar are pulling in. A lack of workforce skills was nominated as one big impediment - almost 70% work on farms. It’s a solid assessment and when taken in light of technology use, shows that not everywhere is hyper-connected and challenges and opportunities are highly diverse.

The WSJ had a piece about Jakartans using Twitter to navigate the floods. It's not a new story or new news, but again highlights the social nature of tech in Indonesia.

While much of the rest of the world adopts online and mobile payments, cash payments remains strong in Indonesia.

The IEA weighed in on Indonesia’s need for energy sector investment. This is critical if digital economy is to be realised across the archipelago and open up opportunities for more businesses.

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