Japan TQ Wrap for February 2015

Star Wars Scuplture at Sapporo Snow Festival Source: City of Sapporo

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Feature phones are still popular in Japan according to MMRI research, which notes the number of mobile phone shipments has decreased. This would come as no surprise for anyone that has experienced the joys of Japan's early adoption of its unique 3G feature phones.

A collection of vendors, academics and other parties successfully tested the broadcasting of 8K video in a distributed multi-cast network from the Sapporo Snow Festival (in Japanese). While some commentators continue to dither over the possible impact of new video resolutions on the networks, lots of work is going into not only 4K but also 8K video in Japan – large swathes of retail floor space have been dedicated to not only 4K TVs, but also video cameras (hand held and wearables), along with other screens (i.e. PCs, laptops, etc). Add Korean and Chinese manufacturer interest to this, and it really is not a matter of if, but when.

Air BNB is finding it harder to crack the Japan market, but hopefully the internal insights team goes to more depth and detail than this article.

Japan Post is  buying Australia’s Toll Holdings, giving it a logistics arm.

The Takata air bag trouble has changed leadership attitudes with Honda saying it won’t support its supplier. This follows small baby steps for some firms to appoint female leaders according to Bloomberg.

The 2020 Olympics is already garnering strong support from Japanese tech giants. NEC is a gold sponsor providing a range of tech including behavioural analysis, drones, networking and security, and NTT has laid out its intentions too (Japanese). The games are stimulating lots of business investment, with a lot of this also in technology.

More robot news. Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki has laid out plans to operate a hotel staffed entirely by robots (Japanese).

Docomo and Zenrin DataCom announced a  new technology to provide navigation services for indoor environments where GPS struggles >

Otsuka Kagu shows that sometimes disruption isn’t realted to digital alone .

Sony smart eye glasses were launched to developers.

IDC Japan says the domestic IT services market continues to grow steadily.

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