Australia and New Zealand TQ Wrap for February 2015

3D Printed Jet Engine Source: Science in Public

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Australia and New Zealand

Leading scientists again complained of the lack of funding and sound policy for science. One could also add technology to this issue.

The Australian government is pondering changes to the Census, one of the most useful tools for businesses and researchers alike. ABS chief statistian acknowledged the concerns in a statement.

Monash researchers created a 3D printed jet engine and announced some tie ups with industry. It follows other 3D printing successes in medicine at the university last year.

Data retention remained a hot topic with an inquiry into the proposed legislation to make telcos keep two years' worth of metadata returning 39 recommendations. The Australian government has since said it will accept all recommendations so it looks like the plan will go ahead, much to the frustration of many observers.

Some good news on working equality as Statistics New Zealand released a report showing an increase in the number of mothers in the workforce. StatsNZ also released sub-national population projects out to 2043, which can be useful for business planning, showing that all regions are expected to grow.

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