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What are 'cookies'?

'Cookies' are small text files that are stored by the browser you use on your computer or mobile phone. They act as a 'memory' of your actions on a website and help with site functionality. All cookies have expiration dates. You can remove them in two ways: automatically, when they expire, or when you manually delete them. Cookie settings can be controlled in browser settings and there are also many other tools available to you to help retain your privacy online.

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All About Cookies

What cookies does TQ use?

TQ’s privacy policy is to make your site visit as private and engaging as possible. We don’t have any desire to track your individual activities on our site, except to know that you have visited and to which pages. To this end, we use Google Analytics and Microsoft Bing Webmaster tools. They help us to track how many individual users we have, and how often they visit the site. All information captured, however, is anonymous and we have no knowledge of your identity and do not provide any information to any third parties.

How does TQ use my information if I signed up for the newsletter?

TQ collects your information when you sign up to our newsletter in order to understand our readership and be able to generate the appropriate great content and/or invite you to participate in TQ events or research. We do not share any information with third parties without your explicit approval.