TED talks to spark your imagination

Every now and then the TED conferences play host to some really smart and engaging speakers. It is one of the few consistently good forums for hearing people delve into topics that can make you think. And importantly for the purposes of this edition of TQ, give you some ideas that could possibly be applied to challenges or opportunities in your own organisation. The below are just a very brief taste of some of the TED talks we think might spark your neurons into action:

Why innovation isn't technology-driven, but culturally-led

By Glenn Core, Head of Architecture, AWS Asia Pacific

In the age of the ideas boom, it is no surprise that innovation has also grown to become a core focus for many of today's progressive, forward-looking companies. In fact, we are already living in an innovation-led economy, where traditional business models and the ways in which organisations interact with their key stakeholders are rapidly shifting.

How innovation can help companies in a turbulent global economy

In their book Business Model Generation, authors Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur explore the power of asking “what if” questions. This is illustrated by the example of furniture giant IKEA. In 1960 it asked:

What if customers bought furniture in components in a box and assembled it themselves?

The idea was unheard of at the time. Today it’s common practice in the furniture industry.