Welcome to TQ. Translating Technology.

We believe in making knowledge as open and freely available as possible. But there is a lack of in-depth and openly available tech-related resources for Asia Pacific IT and Business Leaders that can be used to make a difference either at a micro or macro level. TQ's aim is to bridge the divide between journalism, market research, institutions, and academia with independent in-depth investigations, rigorous analysis, fact-based advice and great tech-related storytelling from across the Asia-Pacific region.

What does TQ do?

TQ translates the important technology-related trends into business and policy advice and outcomes, whatever that business may be for executives and leaders in all geographic regions, roles, industries, and organisation sizes. We shed light on important economic, social, cultural and environmental issues in the Asia Pacific region and identify the role technology is playing or could play in future. Ensuring this is openly available and shared.

How often is TQ published?

TQ is published on a quarterly basis as an online journal.

How is TQ produced?

We commit ourselves to ensuring that all content is generated in a transparent and independent fashion, taking the best approaches and methodologies from journalism, academia, market research, and institutions. All content published on TQ will include links to source data and references along with detailed explanations of the methodology taken. Further, all authors are required to disclose any commercial, political or other affiliations they have.

Can I comment on an article?

We don't allow comments on our articles but you are welcome to write an in-depth reply or share the knowledge on a platform of your choice. If you'd like to have a response to an article published on TQ to offer a different perspective, help expand our collective knowledge, or to execute your right of reply, please contact the editor.

How can I stay up to date with TQ?

Sign Up here to our newsletter to stay informed and receive invitations to exclusive events with your peers. We know you are busy and staying across the frantic pace of the tech industry is tough. So let us do it for you. We'll also give subscribers advanced notice of the content coming out in TQ's latest edition and offer them a chance to contribute.

Does TQ have a privacy policy?

Yes. We respect your privacy and have no desire to track you online. We won't share your data with anyone. Read our privacy policy.

Can I advertise with TQ?

Yes. Don't just get random leads - get actionable insights and results with TQ. We have a range of display advertising and lead generation opportunities (including via events or online webinars) across all site sections and with the monthly TQ Wrap newsletter. Further, in collaboration with Tech Research Asia sponsors are able to access programs that integrate research, consulting, sales enablement, go-to-market asset creation, advertising, and media outreach for lasting impact and outcomes. For advertising inquiries or to get more information on TQ's integrated insight and engagement programs contact us here.

Can I contribute to TQ?

If you have a great insight about the use of technology in Asia Pacific to share and are open to full transparency and a peer review, then we'd love to hear from you. Whether you are an investigative journalist, academic, market researcher, analyst, IT or business leader we are keen to hear how you could contribute. Our editorial focus and theme for each edition is available on request. We also seek contributors that can write or translate in the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia and English. So if you are interested in contributing to TQ contact the editor. But no press releases or PR pitches please.